***Trial Membership Information (MUST READ IF YOUR APP IS ACCEPTED)

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***Trial Membership Information (MUST READ IF YOUR APP IS ACCEPTED)

Post  Unlovable on Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:50 pm

1. Your application will be reviewed and either accepted, denied, or you will be asked further questions to help us make a decision.

2. Once accepted you will be invited to the guild as an initiate and have 2-3 raid weeks to prove yourself on whether you have the potential to be a raider based on attitude and your ability to handle raid situations. You will be invited to our 10/25ICC's sometimes not for the full duration, but several fights based on your class/spec where we can gauge your skill level and raid awareness. If you have a problem with sitting out of raids then maybe our guild isn't for you.

3. Promotions - We will look up parses, see how you react to your fellow raiders, as well as gauge your attitude towards raiding. If we are impressed by your performance and you are doing well or have the potential to do well you will be promoted to a Member. Once promoted to member you are required to attend 2 more full weeks of raids without any issues before you are promoted to a Raider.

4. End of trial period - After the 2 raid weeks that you are allowed to participate in as a trial, if you have not shown or proven to us that you will be an asset to the guild, you will be removed from the guild and your trial period will over.

5. Questions - If you have any questions as to why you did not make membership during your trial period send an in-game mail to Unlovable and you will be given a list of things you need to improve on.

We dont expect anything from our trial members and neither do we make them do anything they dont want to. If you are looking for a guild to raid and have fun, you personally will put in what effort you want to put in to do so, we will not make you. However, we are looking for people who want to get in the guild and work for their membership so a lack of effort will most likely result in you not making membership.

*Top 5 Reasons why people dont make membership
1 - Poor raid awareness ("Tunnel Vision" you must be able to survive AND do your job at the same time)
2 - Slow reaction time (You are called out too many times during raid by the raid leader or officers)
3 - Poor understanding of class mechanics (Not pulling enough Threat/DPS/HPS for your gear)
4 - Slow understanding of raid mechanics on boss encounters (Insufficient research for fights)
5 - Poor attitude towards your fellow raiders (Rude comments, racist and sexist remarks will not be tolerated)

As a Raider, you have proven yourself during your trial period and membership period. Players with Raider rank are put on top priority for raid invitations and loot. Raiders are REQUIRED to keep a ~85% attendance rate, since we raid 3 days a week that is about only 1 absence per 2 raid weeks. If we have constant problems with your attendance in raids as a raider, you will be dropped to member rank and a member will be promoted to your spot.

As a Member, you have proven to us that you have potential to become a raider in the guild. You are taken into raids as second priority after invites go out to Raiders. Raiders are our first priority so there is no arguing over invites. As a member, you have a choice to either:

1 - If a Melee/Tank/Healer spot is still up for grabs on a core raiding spot, keep showing up doing your best and ultimately earn your core spot.
2 - If a Melee/Tank/Healer spot is NOT currently open for grabs, you may stay in the guild and join us as a standby in our raids if raiders do not show up for your spot (ultimately leading to you replacing them if we have more issues with their attendance). You are allowed to do 10ICC's with the guild and restrictions on pugging 25ICC are loosened.
3 - If you are not happy with waiting around as a standby due to your raider class spot being filled you may gquit and continue your search.

Our GOAL is to find 25 raiders who want to raid, *be able to perform in raid, and fit well with eachother. We do not recruit to bench people, but if you are fine with waiting for an opening you are welcome to stay but keep in mind our raiders are our first priority. You MUST be able to make ALL raid times, perform well, AND get along with 24 other people to be able to secure your spot in our guild.


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