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Wulfie - Demonology - Warlock

Post  Wulfiex on Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:20 am

1. Name
Garrett (Wulfie)

2. Do you have vent and a mic?
Yes, and Yes

3. Make sure you logout in your PVE gear with your PVE spec so we are able to review your armory if we cannot contact you. Otherwise skip this question.

4. Can you make ALL our raid times for the FULL 4 hour duration? (7:00pm - 11:00pm)
Yessir I can

5. What is your primary spec?
Demonology PVE
Affliction PvP

6. Do you have a secondary PvE spec? Is it on par with the current content? (251+ Equivalent gear)
I can spec whatever the fuck you want me to. Playing a Warlock is not hard. And I enjoy it. This was my first Character I ever leveled. =]

7. List your current PvE/Raiding Experience. (What have you cleared/accomplished?)
ICC 25 - 8/12
Heroic ICC 25 - 5/12
ICC 10 = 12/12
Heroic ICC 10 - 7/12

8. Are you able to take constructive criticism?
Yes I am.

9. Is there anything else you have done in game which demonstrates that you are a cut above the average player of your class and spec?
2344 2v2 Last season Shaman/Lock
2022 this season as WLD

I know my class thoroughly. If there's something I do not know. I go to people who are more knowledgeable than I am. I am eager to improve my role in the raid. Not afraid to ask questions and learn. I learn fast and am a team player. I love to learn.

10. What has been your guild history in the past 3 months? What progression did you do with them? Why are you leaving?
I took a short break from WoW for RL for around 5 months last November. Started up around February just doing pugs and trying to do a bit of PvP. Haven't really been in anything serious until the guild <Acedia> came to Mal'Ganis from Storm Reaver and needed a few members. I got Heroic Rot/Fester and Morrogar their first week here that I raided with them. I was then sat by them in the weeks proceeding. The reason being they already had 2 core raiding locks in guild. And my GS at the time was sub 6k. I think also contributed to that..

I then joined my current guild <Immortal Justice> because I had been running ICC10 with them for a few weeks. Getting to LK and having a good time. However, I want to leave because the Raid Leader doesn't log on for raids and we're still having to pug a few. It's not fun and rolling on gear sucks. Some of the players in that guild do not have the right enchants and gemming/glyphs as well. Which is also frustrating to me when you're trying to get a 25m guild together. It's just not what I'm into at the moment. I've stuck with it for a few weeks.

11. What essential raiding add-ons do you use?
Omen, DBM, Xperl, MSBT, Powa Auras, Grid

Most importat -> Spam Throttle.

12. How did you hear about our guild?
Good ol' Trade chat.

13. Do you know anyone in the guild?
No, But I'd like to get to know you guys! Especially if you PvP! =]

14. What do you expect from our guild?
I want to progress and down bosses. Be with non-retards that know how to play their class. And HAVE FUN.

Links to a few logs:

Ignore this weeks Marrowgar attempt due to the Blood DK tank giving our Feral druid hysteria, and then not holding threat. Resulting in the death of half of the raid...... /facepalm


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