Chisel - Mutilate - Rogue

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Chisel - Mutilate - Rogue

Post  Chisel on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:18 pm

1 Name: William Franklin

2 Vent and Mic: Yes

3 Can do!

4 Attendance: Yes

5 Primary Spec: Mutilate

6 Secondary: Combat, not on par.

7 ICC 25 - 11/12
H ICC25 - 3/12
ICC10 - 12/12
H ICC10 - 11/12

8 Criticism: Yes, I am versed in discussion and taking criticism and am also a reasonable person; I always enjoy hearing things I can do better.

9 Above Average: I have always cared a little more about the game innately over my fellow players, you could say I'm in tune with the game of WoW as opposed to Call of Duty or whatever (in that it has a different finesse), but I seem to find new things at least every week about the game that I didn't know about, or little tricks for dps or survivability and whatnot.

10 Past Guilds: I transferred to Mal'Ganis 2 weeks ago and haven't found any guild yet. Otherwise, I have not raided in a guild environment on this character before, only other characters in BC and vanilla.

11 Mods: Deadly Boss Mods, Recount, Omen, Xperl and Rating Buster.

12 Heard about Carnage: Mal'Ganis realm forum.

13 Know anyone: No

14 Expected from Guild: I expect a genuinely good player base that likes to see stuff die while also enjoying it. I know Mal'Ganis is the premier server in the U.S. and I look forward to being shown how quality players play.


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Re: Chisel - Mutilate - Rogue

Post  Unlovable on Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:13 pm

were full on rogues atm but ill give you an answer by tuesday, unless you want to join now as a standby


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