Astera- arcane mage

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Astera- arcane mage

Post  Astera on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:03 pm

1. Name: Erik

2. Do you have vent and a mic? Yes.

3. Make sure you logout in your PVE gear with your PVE spec so we are able to review your armory if we cannot contact you. Otherwise skip this question.

4. Can you make ALL our raid times for the FULL 4 hour duration? (7:00pm - 11:00pm) Sure thing.

5. What is your primary spec? Arcane. 57/3/11

6. Do you have a secondary PvE spec? Is it on par with the current content? (251+ Equivalent gear) Not at the moment. I've been experimenting with frost PvP a bit, but I could easily respec from frost to fire if needed. Seeing as how my gear for arcane and fire is the same, right now, then it would be on par with the current content.

7. List your current PvE/Raiding Experience. (What have you cleared/accomplished?)
ICC 25 - 8/12
Heroic ICC 25 - 1/12
ICC 10 = 11/12
Heroic ICC 10 - 5/12

8. Are you able to take constructive criticism? Yes. I'm used to it from sports, and whatnot.

9. Is there anything else you have done in game which demonstrates that you are a cut above the average player of your class and spec? Well, I'm pretty good at not dying during a fight. But I don't know if that really makes me above average? I don't really have many impressive achievements, but I also haven't really focused on trying to get that many achievements.

10. What has been your guild history in the past 3 months? What progression did you do with them? Why are you leaving? Primo, a guild on Vek'Nilash (my old server). This guild is who I did all of my ICC progression with, however, it got to the point where only 8 or so people would sign on for raids after Tuesday night, so I decided it was in my best interest to leave.

11. What essential raiding add-ons do you use? Omen, to watch threat. Grid for raid frames. Quartz for cast bars. DBM, for all that good stuff. Bartender for action bars. I also have recount, to watch how I'm doing damage wise.

12. How did you hear about our guild? I saw that you were recruiting in trade, and I thought I would come give it a shot.

13. Do you know anyone in the guild? No.

14. What do you expect from our guild? Pretty much just a good raiding atmosphere. I have the most fun raiding when I'm with a group of people who all enjoy raiding and like to have fun while still getting things done.


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Re: Astera- arcane mage

Post  Unlovable on Sat Jul 10, 2010 6:07 am

go ahead and whisper me or an officer in game for an invite, wed be willing to give you the chance


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