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Post  Ixhelia on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:43 am

1. Name

2. Do you have vent and a mic?
Yes and yes

3. Make sure you logout in your PVE gear with your PVE spec so we are able to review your armory if we cannot contact you. Otherwise skip this question.

4. Can you make ALL our raid times for the FULL 4 hour duration? (7:00pm - 11:00pm)

5. What is your primary spec?

6. Do you have a secondary PvE spec? Is it on par with the current content? (251+ Equivalent gear)

7. List your current PvE/Raiding Experience. (What have you cleared/accomplished?)ICC10 12/12 ICC25 6/12
ICC 25 - x/12
Heroic ICC 25 - x/12
ICC 10 = x/12
Heroic ICC 10 - x/12

8. Are you able to take constructive criticism?

9. Is there anything else you have done in game which demonstrates that you are a cut above the average player of your class and spec?
I got my Kingslayer title b4 I got my 8-11 ach

10. What has been your guild history in the past 3 months? What progression did you do with them? Why are you leaving?
Internet Tough Guys, left them bc we were only getting 7/12 and not making any progress what so ever.

11. What essential raiding add-ons do you use?
Ice Hud, Omen, Grid, DBM

12. How did you hear about our guild?
Realm Forums

13. Do you know anyone in the guild?

14. What do you expect from our guild?
To make progression but while having fun while doing it.


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Re: Ixhelia-Hunter-Marksman

Post  Unlovable on Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:50 am

were looking for people with more experience. thanks for applying.

ps: your meta gem is inactive and youre missing a belt buckle


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