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Post  Wiñ on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:45 pm

1. Name
RL name... John alt toons tygerlylli, inyourbase, xnd, and Iolumadbro

2. Do you have vent and a mic?

3. Make sure you logout in your PVE gear with your PVE spec so we are able to review your armory if we cannot contact you. Otherwise skip this question.
will do

4. Can you make ALL our raid times for the FULL 4 hour duration? (7:00pm - 11:00pm)
yes i can

5. What is your primary spec?
elemental raid dps

6. Do you have a secondary PvE spec? Is it on par with the current content? (251+ Equivalent gear)
No my os is pvp ele i play ele and ele

7. List your current PvE/Raiding Experience. (What have you cleared/accomplished?)
ICC 25 - 12/12
Heroic ICC 25 - 6/12
ICC 10 = 12/12
Heroic ICC 10 - 8/12

8. Are you able to take constructive criticism?
Constructive yes, criticism for the sake of being rude not so much anything that betters me and my gameplay is always welcome though

9. Is there anything else you have done in game which demonstrates that you are a cut above the average player of your class and spec?
I rerolled and got to 6100+ gs in about 3 months after my old account being stolen

10. What has been your guild history in the past 3 months? What progression did you do with them? Why are you leaving?
Rampage for a long time then to a newer guild called inoculated which i didn't enjoy which brought me to the decision of just shotgunning all my characters to the #1 us server and starting over and i participated in 12/12 25m and 6/12 hm 25man icc

11. What essential raiding add-ons do you use?
quartz,omen,dbm,bartender 4, announcer, totem timers, cool line, stuf unit frames, grid, clique, omen, recount, big brother, quick mark, Satrina's buff frames, msbt

12. How did you hear about our guild?
trade chat/moreovaltine

13. Do you know anyone in the guild?
only moreovaltine from our discussion about me joining

14. What do you expect from our guild?
good people who are fun to raid with/chill on down time and steady progress


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new people need homes too

Post  moreoval on Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:57 pm

I found him in the sewers Sad he told me his sad story and i picked him up and cleaned him and told him to app. (true story)


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Re: Wiñ/elemental/shaman

Post  Unlovable on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:36 am

whisper me or an officer in game for a ginvite.


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Re: Wiñ/elemental/shaman

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